Setting off on the race to financial freedom

Achieving financial freedom will give you the the time you want to do whatever you want instead of working solely to pay off debts or daily needs. Yet this does not come automatically or happen out of the blue.

To achieve financial freedom, you need to start somewhere. Whether as an employee, business owner, investor but never as a passer by. Whether one is an investor, another a CEO or a janitor. We are all ultimately employees working at different levels.

Setting your mind to achieve financial freedom doesn’t need to find you working a job that pays four digits a month.

Whether you are a student, a salary earner, a business owner or even an unemployed person…you can set your mind to what you want to achieve and acquire it.

However, setting your mind as I wrote about in my earlier post is just the beginning of the journey. Don’t stop their otherwise you will only be a dreamer with dreams that were never attained.

If your employed that is somewhere to start, running your own business, even better. For a full time student or unemployed you need to wake up and start somewhere.

Am not telling students to drop out of school to become employed. NO, but you can still be a student yet having a source of income nonmatter how low it is.

The main issue here is to get a source of income

The Path To Achieve Financial Freedom Requires You To Earn An Income

For those unemployed you need to stop making excuses. Okay that sounds harsh -but yes, its common knowledge that the unemployment rate is high. People are being sucked from their jobs every now and then because of the economic crisis coupled with the effects of the pandemic yet still you can do something. You might have written tonnes of application letters, business proposals but every time they tell you sorry followed with blah….blah…blahs that you can’t explain. The question am going to ask you might sound inconsiderate and rude; but, “so what?” “So what if every one has turned you down…..are you going to give up and settle for whatever may be may be?!”

You need to take control of your future

You need to stand and say; “am getting over this and am going to achieve all that I dream of achieving!”

Achievers dream, do and achieve.

If you want to achieve financial freedom you need to stop looking at other people. They don’t define how far you can go – they help yes – but they don’t hold your success. Take full responsibility of your success. Set the definition of laziness out of your lifestyle because laziness steals from us and leaves us with regrets. Laziness is a recipe for disaster.

“The lazy man will not plow because of winter, he will beg during harvest and have nothing” Proverbs 20:4 

Laziness destroys potential and wastes talent We tend to become lazy when we lose our sense of purpose. Choose to put away a lazy attitude for this turns into inactivity and lack.

This is not just to the unemployed but even those in employment and others running their businesses. People become slothful when they lose the purpose of why in the first place they opened up the business. They become prone to the fear of failure, they become inadequate and settle for just getting by. For those having businesses as a side hustle, they become okay as long as it can subsidize their other income to meet all their expenditures.

That’s an attitude for someone who just wants to live within means all their life and having only what can meet his needs alone.

You need to handle your business dealings with diligence, passion and excellence as opposed to being passive, fatalistic and indifferent in attitude and service

If your employed, give your employer more than what he paid for. A full day’s work,110% effort, a good attitude, and loyalty. (I will discuss this later in career financial freedom). At the end of the day you will learn more and your skills will be more sharpened. This will bring more opportunities as connections which you will require later on while building your own empire.

If you don’t have a source of income – am not talking about the upkeep your parents give you, the unemployment benefits from the government, inheritance or money from a trust fund – then you need to wake up from slumber and have a clear vision of your dream.

Create Your Own Opportunity

Some people are born in the right family, by the right parents, others in the right location. Still others are born with the right connections. Others get the opportunity to land high paying jobs after colleague but if you were blessed with none of these advantages, then  you must find your own edge. Don’t use the lack of opportunity as an excuse.

Stop feeling too great to do certain jobs or running some businesses when your not earning anything – of course except if its illegal. Remember you can not beg forever…pride wont get you anywhere, it will only leave you disillusioned.

Every great man or woman has a story. They started somewhere. It doesn’t matter where you start but you need to start somewhere. A journey never begins without a starting point so start somewhere but start! Implement your idea whether beginning from your own bedroom, sitting room or garage…it will not matter after years of diligence and proper handling.

So stop giving excuses; I’m too old, too young, too shy, not smart enough, I’m too lazy, too poor…

There are numerous opportunities out there because its a big world within your reach. The concept of the global village is becoming a reality. There are many more successful people out there than the few you read about or know.

Its never too late nor too early to embark on your journey to financial freedom. Mark Zuckerberg was 19 years when he created Facebook. Harlan Sanders was 65 before he sold his first Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise. It is obviously better to start at an early age since the mind is open to new ideas and trends. You are willing to challenge conventional wisdom and have the time to run the long race of achieving financial freedom. If you are a little older, be flexible and have an open mind. Relate with the young generation to keep up with trends and be willing to drop everything when an opportunity appears. Ray Kroc left his job of selling restaurant equipment to found McDonald’s.

The point is, when an opportunity comes your way, take it with both hands. When no door seems to open, knock one down yourself. At least you will still have an open door regardless of the means.


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