We all dream of achieving financial freedom at one stage or another of our lives. When as a young child you saw all things possible, it was because there were no limitations in your mind. Your mind had not been crippled by the doubts, fears and prejudices in the world. You dreamt of being able to do what you want without being hindered by the amount of money in your pockets or bank accounts-not to say the least-you didn’t even think of it. Yet here you are wondering how you have literally crossed off one item after the other on your dreamlife list.

Don’t you think you deserve a chance to get back that life and not just live in the “if only”

Most people will agree with me yet again they will stop at; “I really would want to, BUT…”

Explain it the way you want however that “but” is none other than that one biggest limitation.

The biggest limitation in our world today is not disability, education, color or race. These have caused controversies and wars, they are big limitations but don’t top the list. The one at the top of the list is money. Not just any kind of money that you hold today and lose the next minute but wealth- wealth not riches. Wealth that accumulates and multiplies itself regardless of where you are or what you are doing. This is why banks, foreign embassies,.. don’t just request for how much is in your account at that particular time. They request for a bank statement that runs for a period of time.

So if you are to go from “if only” to “this is the life”, you need a plan.

The Plan To Achieve Financial Freedom

Acquiring Financial freedom is a process that requires hard work, persistence and discipline. It’s not something that comes automatically or something you can just achieve by luck. We all can name a few people that have been born into such a life. Only to squander away all the riches. There as well some that have rose from misery and have more than made it in life.

This is why it’s important to know before you set out that the path to financial independence is one that is intentional and requires consistent discipline to achieve (yet this does not say its beyond anyone’s reach).

How do you go from struggling to being financially free?

Start saving, invest … (yeah, yeah, yeah… you expected me to say that because that’s what we are always told) – it’s much apart of it but not all there is. In my earlier post Why you need to control your finances, I talked about how am going to share step by step guidelines.

First things first; before we answer the ”how”, we are going to answer the ”what”.

What makes men that we know and have heard of achieve financial freedom?

Men that have gone ahead to achieve financial freedom know the purpose of wealth. The purpose is to have an opportunity to be a blessing. People that are just after accumulating loads of money for selfish reasons never really make it that far.

When we don’t understand the purpose of a thing, we tend to abuse and neglect it. We then find ourselves on the course to failure.

The blessing is so that we can have an opportunity to be a blessing.

 Acts 20:35 tells us that: "it is more blessed to give than to receive" 

Men like Elon Musk, Bill Gates asked themselves; “what are the problems that could affect the future of humanity?” Their thinking extended beyond themselves. They were looking at how they can benefit others or be a blessing to mankind (am not asking you to get up and start thinking of ideas like Microsoft, SpaceX or Tesla but why not if you can) -am trying to show you that these men had a vision, a purpose and they wanted to benefit or bless humanity in whichever way they could.

Some men come up with ideas that benefit humanity but others make wealth to be able to bless others. That’s why most of the richest men in the world are philanthropists.

Have A Powerful Vision

If you are serious about becoming financially free, you must have a powerful vision. You must see yourself as belonging to a cycle. If you fail to become all that your meant to be, not just you but others will suffer for it. There people whose success depends on your success. You never fail alone, you fail with those whose lives were to be enhanced by you. Others that would in one way or another have benefited from your success and so it is when you succeed.

Point to note: Get into the habit of thinking that extends beyond self

The amount of money a person has is nothing but the reflection of the value you have added into other peoples lives.

In the pursuit for financial freedom, things will get tough but the vision will help to keep you on course. Somehow after a while you will look back and say; “I made it!”

Ask yourself:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I here for?
  • How do I want to benefit others?
  • What thing will bring me inner satisfaction in life – how do I achieve it?

I know you might have wanted me to skip direct to the technical part but all this is equally important.

Some people settle for less thinking that’s who they are created to be and others out of false humility think they are “Ok” with just a little to get by but know that the purpose for your existence is beyond you as an individual.

Believe in the God given potential to create wealth. In you is the ability to rise above what you know about yourself and become financially free. Its not just a-faith-thing; the vision that you have for yourself has a lot to do with what you become.

The circumstances that surround you as you grow up don’t define who you are but YOU define who you become.

Forget not the purpose in your pursuit to financial freedom.

You are not prospering until your needs are met and have a surplus for the purpose of blessing others. Not only that but area also able to make money work for you to meet your future needs.

Don’t forget to check out the next post in the Personal Finance category . Stay Blessed!

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