I would rephrase the question as: How do you overcome failure?

You CAN believe the facts, feel sorry for yourself, wallow in your misfortune, try to make others pity you, cry yourself to sleep and wake up 50, 60 years when everything around you shouts; “failure”, “useless” and “burden”.


You can look at everything for what it is; “failed at everything till now” but “not for forever,” if you choose it not to be

“Choose progress not stagnation after failure even if that progress means making a U-turn”

overcome failure and embrace success
overcome failure to succeed
overcome failure and be your hero

Progress only begins when we come to recognize the way things are, accept your responsibility instead of shifting blame thereby choosing to take responsibility of your life.

“The important thing is not to settle but push forward and not blame circumstances for whether you succeed or not.”

Everything in life might show you’ve failed, but that doesn’t make you are a failure. You only become one when you choose to give up.

“Life can deal crushing blows, but you can still achieve your goals. The road is filled with people who have survived astonishing setbacks, and you can too. You can live through anything with dignity and courage.”

Choose to live, believe “AGAIN” and give yourself another chance to overcome failure

Believe in something: 

Just know within yourself it is possible and go for it even if it means one more time.

Plan to overcome failure: 

I don’t know how much I can emphasize planning but PLAN!

By the way planning is not to-do list rather planning begins with visualizing your future.

  • Plan with a future in mind.
  • Plan on using your time better, on choosing to focus.
  • Plan on letting go of the bad habits that have taken you no further than your nose.
  • Plan on getting good influence around you.
    • Additionally, write down. Write down whatever it is that you want to accomplish, you need an image in your mind that you can hold up and work hard.

Decide to overcome failure: 

  • Decide what you are willing to sacrifice or what you must give up to make you dream happen.
  • Decide on letting go of some relationships that bring you down than build you, decide on the things that are worth spending your time and money.
  • Decide on the comforts you need to forego today to build a better tomorrow.

Be doing not wishing, life is an action plan.

overcome failure

Look for situations that give you an edge and use them to your advantage.

Don’t be their wishing if only you had connections, were born in a wealthy family, had more talent, went to better schools.

Stay open to change: 

When one door closes another opens. Be willing to embrace the new doors that open rather than sticking to the closed ones.

Be your own cheerleader: 

"When no one cheers for you, cheer for yourself. You can be your own cheerleader in life. When you fall apart, don't be ashamed; just get up and brush yourself off. It's OK to fall or fail; just get up and start over again."

When the whole world says otherwise choose to say to yourself that:

I am a winner. Am going to make it. Today am coming out better than yesterday, I have what it takes to achieve success.

And the MOST IMPORTANT STEP is allowing yourself to go back at the beginning over over again until you get it right. Allow yourself to be a beginner no matter how long it takes as long as you are set on achieving your success.

I can’t wait to hear your own story of how you made it when all the odds where against you. Your story may be all it takes to encourage someone to rise up again. Don’t be shy, share your story below in the comments section.

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