Booking the perfect place to stay for your next trip can be exciting and daunting. In our earlier post, we pointed out steps to help you find the best accommodation that fits your personality and travel needs. In this blog post we go on a journey further with you to help you book that best accommodation while traveling on a budget and definitely with good return on your money. This will actually be more valuable to you if you plan on going for various trips in the future. So, here are some easy and effective tips:

Use Platforms That Compare Prices

Start by comparing prices for your preferred accommodation across different booking platforms. You don’t need to visit every site individually—use platforms that do the comparison for you, such as:

These tools gather prices from multiple sites, helping you find the best deal quickly. Remember that a times, the same accommodation can have different prices across different booking platforms.

Additional Services at No Additional Costs

When booking, pay attention to additional services offered at no extra charge in other wards, free extras. Many hotels provide perks like:

  • Complimentary late check-outs
  • Special honeymoon arrangements
  • Seasonal offers
  • Free/ discounted extended stays

Some of these services are extended on request. Some hotels give special offers as promotional tools to their guests. However, the staff a times “pretend” to forget to extend these services incase you are not aware of them or do not request for them. These extras often come with booking directly through the hotel’s website. Don’t hesitate to ask about them when making your reservation—as we’ve noted, the staff might not mention them unless you inquire.

Enjoy Complimentary Airport Pick-Ups While Traveling on Budget

Some hotels offer free airport pick-up and drop-off services. This can save you money and hassle, especially with potential delays from private airport pick-up services. Confirm this service when booking to ensure a smooth arrival and departure.

Booking Site Deals and Rewards

Many booking sites offer special deals, exclusive discounts, and reward programs. Sign up to earn points on every booking, which you can redeem for free stays. Top sites with great rewards include:

booking sites with deals while traveling on budget

Take Advantage of Hotel Loyalty Programs While Traveling on Budget

Major hotel chains offer fantastic loyalty programs. By sticking to one chain, you can accumulate points for free stays, upgrades, and more. Take advantage of the these loyalty programs by considering joining programs from:

  • Marriot (over 30 hotel brands  8,000+ properties across 139 countries)
  • Hilton hotel and resorts (more than 6500+ properties in 122 countries)
  • Hyatt hotel corporation (14brands)
  • IHG hotels and resorts, Radisson hotels
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

These high quality hotel chains have some of the best loyalty programs. You earn points by using credit cards offered by these hotel chains. Redeem points for free stays and other additional perks like free room upgrades, extended stays, free breakfast, early check-ins and late check-outs.

Choose Comfort and Joy

Now that you’re armed with tips for booking the perfect accommodation while on budget, remember to choose a place that promises relaxation and comfort.

Go for the best place your heart desires on each and every trip you take. Remember that every trip is unique. At the end of the day while travelling we all seek utmost comfort and amazement. So don’t postpone staying in that luxurious sophisticated nest or the long awaited tree castle that your young self dreamed of. All this as long as you don’t break the bank.

Whether you’re booking through recommendations, online platforms, or loyalty programs, aim for the best experience on each trip. Enjoy every moment and make the most of your journey. Choose wisely and make your next trip unforgettable! Happy travels!

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